Terms & Conditions regarding Invitations and Discount Coupons

Terms & Conditions regarding Invitations and Discount Coupons

Last update: 10-08-2019

G-TEAM's Sales Promotions Program by Invitations and Discount Coupons , hereinafter referred to, as "The Program", allows G-TEAM's ESHOP registered users, to earn discount coupons by:

  •  # subscribing to our ESHOP and / or
  •  # subscribing to our Newsletter and / or
  •  # inviting friends to visit G-TEAM's E-SHOP.

By participating to the Program and/or using our discount coupons, the above mentioned users are automatically accepting the following terms and conditions, which form an integral part of the G-TEAM ESHOP's General Terms and Conditions:

1. How to earn G-TEAM's Discount Coupons:

Reward Discount Coupons:​

G-TEAM's ESHOP users can earn discount reward coupons if they make a purchase from G-TEAM's ESHOP, with a net purchase ammount which exceeds the limit of € 360. The aforementioned amount refers to the net purchase amount (excluding V.A.T. and any shipping and delivery costs) and should be related to only one (a single) purchase. Immediately after the completion of a purchase in which the above mentioned net purchase amount, exceeds the limit of 150  €, we automatically mail to the email address stated during the purchase process, the code of a reward discount coupon with a 10% discount for their next purchase from our ESHOP, along with the relevant expiration date.

Attention: For safety reasons the reward discount coupons are remaining inactive until we receive confirmation for the completion of your payment, from the relative e-payment company-organization (PayPal, VISA, BANK ..etc). We notify our clients immediately after the payment confirmation for the relative coupon activation with an e-mail (it may take 1-2 business days depending on the selected by the client payment method).”

Promotion Discount Coupons:

G-TEAM's ESHOP users can get promotion discount coupons if they :

# aquire them from our authorized vendors,

# create an account and/or subscribe to our Newsletter: In that case, we are sending them directly to the e-mail that they stated during the registration process, a promotion discount coupon code with a 10% discount on their next purchase from our ESHOP,

# recommend - invite a friend to visit G-TEAM's ESHOP simply by filling in his e-mail: In that case we automatically send an invitation e-mail directly to their friend's e-mail address, including a 5% discount promotion coupon for his/her first purchase from our ESHOP. The purchase  must take place before the relevant coupon expiry date. Simultaneously we automatically send an email with a 5% discount promotion coupon to the e-mail of the user who initially sent the invitation. Please note that you must be a registered user in order to be allowed to recommend-invite a friend and on order to do it, you must first login to your account and use the relative interface. 

Important Notes:

# In order to receive discount coupons and be able to use them you must be a registered user.

# For safety reasons G-TEAM's ESHOP users, who complete their purchases as simple visitors, are not allowed to use any discount coupons they may have for their purchases without signing up and/or logging in to their account.

# Only one reward discount coupon and/or only one promotion discount coupon can be used in each purchase.

2. Use of  Discount Coupons:

Discount coupons can only be used in G-TEAM's ESHOP. They automatically appear in the members area in your account and can be used for your purchases until their expiration date.

Discount coupons are issued exclusively for promotional and promotional purposes. They have no monetary value and no transfer or cash exchange can be made. G-TEAM's ESHOP users are not allowed to earn discount coupons by creating multiple accounts in G-TEAM's ESHOP. Coupons collected in separate G-TEAM's ESHOP accounts can not be combined into an account, otherwise G-TEAM is entitled to cancel the validity of the coupons without prior notice and/or to deactivate or delete suspicious accounts.

If for any reason you think there is a difference regarding the balance of your discount coupons, please contact us. G-TEAM may ask you to submit additional information to decide on the balance of your coupons. All decisions on the balance of your discount coupons will be final and at G-TEAM's sole discretion.

In order to use our discount coupons, you need to fill in the relevant fields in the order's completion stage.

Attention: The use of only one promotion coupon and / or only one reward coupon, is allowed for a single purchase.

3. Notification of  Referral Links:

Referrals should only be used by G-TEAM's E-SHOP users for personal and non-commercial purposes. Referral Links should not be published or shared on other merchant sites (such as coupon sites, Reddit or Wikipedia) or on blogs with the primary purpose of seeking discount coupons. G-TEAM's ESHOP users are prohibited from sending annoying and spam messages to anyone with referral requests. This includes bulk sending emails, text messages or messages to people you do not know or using automated systems or bots through any channel, to share your referral link. G-TEAM's ESHOP users are forbidden to pay to advertise their referral links.

4. Many references:

A Referred Friend can only use one referral link-invitation and only use one relative promotion coupon. If someone receives referral links-invitations from many G-TEAM's ESHOP users, only the first user who sent the referral link-invitation will earn a discount coupon as the relative email address will be already registered and therefore can not be reused.

The Program can not be combined with other G-TEAM's promotion programs or refferal incentives.

5. Divisibility:

If any provision of these terms is declared void or unenforceable, only that provision (or its part rendering it invalid or unenforceable) will be affected and the validity and enforceability of the rest of the provisions will not be affected.

6. Privacy Policy - Responsibility Disclaimer:

For all of the data and any information you provide us during the processes of registration, account creation and creation-mailing of invitations  within the procedures of the Program, we apply all the relative rules, restrictions and commitments as described in the  Privacy Policy of G-TEAM. The collection, storage, processing and use of  the afore mentioned data and information are carried out within the strictly defined above mentioned framework and in full compliance with the relevant National and European Legislation (Law 2472/1997 and GDPR Regulation of the EU.679 / 2016).

Any disclosure to us, including personal information of third parties,  which is taking place by sending invitations to "friends" from registered and simple users of ESHOP, is only accepted, if is subject to strict prior consent of the third parties ("friends"). This is strictly and exclusively responsibility of  the registered or simple users of the G-TEAM's ESHOP, who sents the afore mentioned invitation to his/her friend..

In any case and in compliance with the aforementioned National and European Legislative Framework, we provide all users at any time:

  • # the ability of deleting their accounts completely (except the case that one or more orders they have placed previously, is/are  still pending. In that case the ability of deleting their account is not available until the full completion of  all the above mentioned pending orders),
  • # the ability to completely delete their email address from our relative Newsletter list.

7. Termination and Changes:

G-TEAM may suspend or terminate the Referral Program or the ability of a user to participate in the Program at any time and for any reason, without prior warning.

We reserve the right to suspend accounts or remove discount coupons of one or more particular user(s) if we observe any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent or in breach of G-TEAM's Terms of Use or Payment Terms. We reserve the right to examine and investigate all referral activities and suspend accounts or modify referrals at our sole discretion, as deemed fair and appropriate.

The range, variety and type of services and products you can obtain by redeeming our discount coupons can be changed at any time.

8. Updates of  Terms & Conditions of the Program:

We may update these terms at any time without prior notice. If we modify these terms, we will post the modification to G-TEAM's site, applications and/or services and these updates apply upon publication. Continued participation in the Referral Program after any modification constitutes a consensus for this modification.