Discount Coupons and points

Discount Coupons and points

Last update: 10-10-2018​

How to earn G-TEAM's Discount Coupons:

Reward Discount Coupons:


G-TEAM's ESHOP users can earn  reward discount coupons if they make a purchase from G-TEAM's ESHOP, with a net purchase ammount which exceeds the limit of € 360. The aforementioned amount refers to the net purchase amount (excluding V.A.T. or any shipping and delivery costs) and should be related to only one (a single) purchase. Immediately after the completion of a purchase in which the above mentioned net purchase amount, exceeds the limit of 360  €, we automatically mail to the email address stated during the purchase process, the code of a reward discount coupon with a 15% discount for their next purchase from our ESHOP, along with the relevant coupon expiration date.

Attention: For safety reasons the reward discount coupons are remaining inactive until we receive confirmation for the completion of your payment, from the relative e-payment company-organization (PayPal, VISA, BANK ..etc). We notify our clients immediately after the payment confirmation for the relative coupon activation with an e-mail (it may take 1-2 business days depending on the selected by the client payment method).

Promotional Discount Coupons:


G-TEAM's ESHOP users can get promotional discount coupons if they :

# aquire them from our authorized vendors,

# create an account and/or subscribe to our Newsletter: In that case, we are sending them directly to the e-mail that they stated during the registration process, a promotional discount coupon code, which gives them 10% discount for their next purchase from our ESHOP,

# recommend - invite a friend to visit G-TEAM's ESHOP simply by filling in his e-mail: In that case we automatically send an invitation e-mail directly to their friend's e-mail address, including a 5% discount promotional coupon for his/her first purchase from our ESHOP. The purchase  must take place before the relevant coupon expiry date. Simultaneously we automatically send an email with a 5% discount promotional coupon to the e-mail of the user who initially sent the invitation. Please note that you must be a registered user and to sign in to your account, in order to be allowed to recommend-invite a friend, by the relative interface. 

Important Notes:

# In order to receive discount coupons and be able to use them you must be a registered user.

# For safety reasons G-TEAM's ESHOP users, who complete their purchases as simple visitors, are not allowed to use any discount coupons they may have for their purchases without signing up and/or logging in to their account.

# Only one reward discount coupon and/or only one promotional discount coupon can be used in each purchase.

Discount Points:

As part of our customer loyalty policy, we inform you that in each purchase from our ESHOP, you earn 10 discount points per euro. You can redeem these points during your order by selecting the corresponding "Redeem points" field, where you also see the corresponding discount you earn (redeemable points / 500). In order to see can your discounts points, you must logim to your account and see the relative section (My points).