Purchasing Products

Purchasing Products

Last update: 10-10-2018


Our products are categorized into three (3) main categories in order to facilitate their search (Health, Nutrition & Wellness). Each main category has secondary categories and sub categories found at the home page and also on the horizontal (cascading) menu of the E-shop. In order to implement and complete the order, the customer is continuously guided step by step after first choosing the product that interests him/her. No changes can be made after completing the order. If the client wishes to make any changes before completing the order, he/she must cancel the order before payment and choose other products. Upon completion of the order, the customer receives from the E-shop via e-mail the order code number (Order ID) and all the relative information, in oredr to verify the right registration of his order to our system.

The E-shop, by sending the order code number (Order ID) to the client, provides him/her the opportunity to monitor the order status. In case of any issue appears, the client is informed by e-mail, or by telephone, on the telephone that has been given at the time of his/her registration.


 The prices quoted include VAT (only where applicable). E-shop reserves the right to change prices without prior notice to visitors/clients, but this in no case affects the price of the products already placed in an order that has preceded any revaluation of the product price

 If products are shipped and delivered outside the E.U., E-shop is not obliged, does not undertake and can not inform clients in any way about customs duties, fees, taxes, etc. and/or other charges from the respective authorities. The client is liable for any additional charges incurred.

Delivery method:

  Products are delivered via courier. The cooperating companies for this purpose are ACS (domestic shipping) or DHL (international shipping).

Delivery time:

  The E-shop prepares for delivery the purchased products, within 1-3 business days (depending on the availability of the products), from the day of order registration. Your products are expected to be delivered, for domestic shipping (Greece) within 1-3 business days after the date that the items have been picked up from our warehouse by ACS. For international shipping, products are expected to be delivered within 5-8 business days after the date that the items have been picked up from our warehouse by DHL. The above mentioned needed delivery time is always depending on the accessibility of the delivery address.

Availability of the products:

E-shop reserves the right to cancel the processing of an order by refusing to execute it, in cases of unavailability or removal of products (obligatory prior notice of the customer). In this case, any money previously deposited by the customer, will be fully refunded by deposit to the customer's account within ten (10) days from the date of the order.


For information regarding Ways of Payment , Shipping Charges and Refund Policy, see the relevant sections. In any case, if you experience any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us (by e-mail: eshop@g-team.gr or telephone: +30 271 500 5035), in order to help you, as soon as possible.