Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last update: 10-10-2018

The Company has placed the security of your personal data as a high priority and so we manage your personal data with special care and prudence and in accordance with the National and European Legislation (Law 2472/1997 and the GDPR Regulation of the E.U. 679 / 2016) .

Data Collection and Protection of Personal Data:

Data is collected and processed while browsing the E-Shop.

All data is categorized into personal data (information regarding the individual, such as name, email, address, telephone, etc.) and to anonymous or non-personal data used for statistics, e-shop security and generally to improve the effectiveness of our website, services and marketing efforts.

Privacy Policy - Protection of Personal Data:

  • In General:
    The E-shop protects from unauthorized access, process and use of the personal data of the users and/or clients​ of our site, in compliance with the relevant provisions on the protection of personal data, as applicable. By strictly following the principles of personal data protection provided by relevant laws and international conventions, we will not make any unlawful and unlicensed use. E-shop shall in no way disclose, publicize, sell, or exchange personally identifiable information from users and/or clients. Exceptionally, your personal information may be disclosed, always subject to the law, when required by a Public Authority, a court, etc. Personal information is not required to simply navigate the E-shop or to access its content.
    The necessary (from the part of the clients​) disclosure of certain personal data (name, telephone number, e-mail address, postal address, credit card information etc.) is used solely for the purpose of executing orders and for informing them, on behalf of the E-shop. If the user and/or client does not consent to the above use of his/her personal information, he/she should not fill in the relevant fields. The above disclosure of the E-shop user's and/or client's personal data​ constitutes acceptance of the terms of use of this data in accordance with the present document.
  • Passwords and Confidentiality:
    The Company strongly recommends to users and/or clients​ for security reasons to change their passwords at regular intervals and to avoid the use of easy codes, in order to ensure the confidentiality of their passwords. Users and/or clients​ are solely responsible for any damage that may be caused by third party access to them. The Company is fully committed to protecting the personal data of the website users and/or clients and makes every effort to ensure their security.
    E-shop is not responsible for organized attacks by hackers, with purpose to steal personal information of the users and/or clients​. We have already taken all the necessary measures for the security of your personal information and the security of your credit cards. Our system does not store any of your credit card details.
    E-shop provides the opportunity to its users and/or clients​, to choose whether they wish to be notified about the new products offered, any other offers, payment arrangements, etc. through promotional postal mail, telephone calls and e-mails. E-shop will not misuse the above service. Users and/or clients​ are always given the opportunity to stop receiving promotional messages.
    E-shop collects, processes and stores personal data of users and/or clients​ (including name, surname, address, occupation, postal code, e-mail address, fixed and mobile phone numbers, etc.) in accordance with law and ensuring their privacy and security. This data is collected whenever a user and/or client emails the Company, or registers in the Companys E-shop, or connects to his/her account, or orders and purchases products from the E-shop and may be processed by the Company, that is also the responsible of the process, in accordance with law.
  • Personal data processing framework:
    User's and/or Client's data and other personal data are strictly processed within the framework of applicable law, in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the European Union Regulation 2016/679, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (G.D.P.R.) which was adopted on 27 April 2016 and is mandatory for all Member States of the European Union since 25 May 2018, with full respect for the personality and privacy of the users and/or clients, provided that they have consented to the data collection, selection and processing.
    The Company does not in any way disclose or publish the personal data of the users and/or clients​ and the information that they share. The personal data of the users and/or clients​, made available to the Company upon their registration as members of the E-shop, are used exclusively for the execution of the transactions of each user and/or client. All information is being encrypted and kept secure, using the most up-to-date methods. User data and relative information is stored in fully-protected files, that meet the latest technical security methods.
    Users and/or clients, by providing their information during their transactions with the E-shop, agree and accept the forthcoming processing of their personal data for the needs of the smooth and easy exchange between the parties, as well as the transmission of such data to recipients who will be specifically identified and are the employees of the Company within the execution of the relevant contract.
    Users and/or Clients are also informed that each user and/or client, as a data subject, has the right to know whether the personal data concerning him/her, is or has been processed (right of access, Article 12 of Law 2472/1997) and that he/she may at any time object to the processing of the specific data (right of objection, article 13 law 2472/1997). In order to exercise their rights of access and objection to the processing of the data, users and/or clients may contact the Company (Mr. Mourlas Dimitrios), either by registered post at 16, Apostolopoulou  Str, Post Office: 22131, Tripolis, Greece, or by e-mail to
    In that regard and additionally, the Company ensures the uninterrupted exercise and satisfaction of user and/or client rights derived from the GDPR in relation to their personal data and in particular regarding: the right to information, the right of access, the right of rectification, the right of remission and/or the right to privacy, the right to limit/restrict processing, the right to portability and the right to object.
    It is ascertained that only authorized personnel - employees of the Company have access to the transaction information and only when necessary for the transaction with the users, e.g. in order to handle orders.
    The Company is committed to never disclose the details of the clients and their transactions, unless there is written authorization by them or this is required by law, court order or public authority decision. Personal data declared at the online store is  solely or exclusively owned by the Company for the purpose of supporting, promoting and executing the business relationship and under the condition that the user and/or the client has not objected to their use. All documents and electronic data exchanged between the parties within each transaction will be kept and transmitted confidentially by the Company, in a completely secure manner, in accordance with modern security methods. Each user and/or client can access the transaction data, whenever he/she desires. In addition, especially for payments via credit cards and other payment systems through credit institutions and related entities, it is noted that the Company does not collect, process or store any payment data and information such as credit card numbers and other payment information. The transaction takes place directly between the users and/or clients and the paying agent (i.e.banks), that collects, processes and stores such data.
  • Links to Third Party Websites :

    The E-shop offers links to other websites that are not controlled by the Company but by third parties (natural or legal persons). Under no circumstances should the Company be considered liable for the Terms of Protection of  Personal Data (Privacy Policy), that these sites follow.

Privacy Policy - Anonymous (Non-Personal) Data:

The Company collects anonymous usage data (IP address, browser data, etc.) through logfiles solely for security purposes and for improving our online services.

The Company uses Google services to record traffic statistics, which create the corresponding cookies. These cookies are governed by Google's Privacy Policy, found at:

The Company also uses Oracle / AddThis services for the content sharing service on social media and other networks. The use of these services is only at the option of the user and their use is covered by the following policy:

  • Links to Third Party Websites :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The E-shop offers links to other websites that are not controlled by the Company but by third parties (natural or legal persons). Under no circumstances should the Company be considered liable for the Terms of Protection of Personal Data (Privacy Policy), that these sites follow.