Therapeutic Herbs

Therapeutic plants & Herbs

"Preventing is better than healing"
(Hippocrates 460 - 370 BC)


In antiquity, all medicinal plants that would cause, when chewed, a bitter, sweet or aromatic flavour, were called herbs. In Ancient Greece, Aristotle’s “History of Plants” gave light to approximately 500 medicines. His father, Ippokratis Koos (460-337 BC), in his writings, reports 400 samples of herbal medicines.

The famous Theophrastus (372-287 BC), with his preserved book "About Plant Histories", laid the foundations of Βotany. He gathered all kinds of information regarding the 450 plants mentioned in his book, including their pharmaceutical properties.

Dioskouridis (kilikia 1st century AD) is considered the "founder of pharmacology". His knowledge of the healing effect of plants has not been overcome for centuries.

The other great doctor of antiquity, Galen (129-199 AD), prepared the natural healing formulas called "Galenical formulations" that were used until  the 18th century. He wrote about 300 books and in one of them he refers to all the known plants, in alphabetical order.

Herbs, in addition to their former use as a primary healing agent, have also been the basis of modern pharmacology. The World Health Organization estimates that about 80% of the world's population uses herbs as a treatment for various diseases and illnesses, as main ingredients in all local, traditional medical methods. Additionally they are  a common element of homeopathy and many other alternative therapies.

Today, out of the 119 medicines currently exported from plants, 74% are used by modern medicine, in the same or similar way they were used in the past as herbs. At the same time, the number of herbs used to make food supplements is even greater. Major pharmaceutical companies are in a constant search for possible medicinal properties of plants and herbs from around the world.

Nature is the largest pharmacy

The  flora hides the secrets of the most brilliant beauty and health, proposing  the best possible solution to every problem. Over the years man has begun to forget about nature therapies and preferred to turn his interest to the products from chemical labs and industries.

The secret of health and beauty is also well hidden in herbs, native plants, especially those that grow on the cultivated fields and are used as medicines for various diseases. Greek nature is rich in herbs that not only have wonderful taste and aroma, but are also beneficial and mood-boosting.

Nature has a powerful arsenal that, if used properly, can alleviate a variety of health problems. The beneficial properties of herbs have been known since antiquity and all ancient cultures used herbs to treat various diseases. Even today, if used properly, herbs can provide relief for various diseases.

At Graceland we offer you strictly selected herbal remedies, known for their exceptional action from antiquity. Proper use can help you overcome the health problems you already have, in a natural way. Furthermore,  as Hippocrates supports, proper use can prevent the appearance of health problems, before treatment is required.

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In any case, the use of herbs can not replace medication. They may also cause side effects or interact with other medicines. Therefore In case of health problem, allergy history and/or medication intake, you should always previously consult your treating doctor/physician.

All the above mentioned information and in general the information mentioned on this web site, regarding the health protective and healing effects of olive oil and in particularly of the products of ours, has strictly informative purpose and should by no means be considered as an inducement, for people with health problems, to stop following medical instructions and/or advice or any medication they already receive, without the prior agreement of their treating physician/doctor.