Interwoven with Greek heritage and nutrition from antiquity to our days


Do you also want to have the nature as your ally, for your health and wellness?

At G-TEAM we provide you, with strictly chosen and certified Greek pure & natural products of excellent quality, with high nutritional, but above all, top health protection value. These are either products of our own production or carefully selected products by certified Greek producers that we trust and have personal contact with. These are the exact same products we trust and take home to taste with our families. We are glad to provide these quality products with love to you and your beloved ones, so that you can enjoy their beneficial properties and build a daily shield for your health.

"Medicine must become our Food and our Food must become our Medicine"

Hippocrates 460-370 BC

A great variety of health-protective treasures, from the Greek Nature.
Everything at extraordinary prices and with the quality guarantee of G-TEAM.

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"We are.., what we eat.."

The Greek land offers unique nutritional treasures throughout the ages. Flavors rich, natural, full of the colors and fragances of nature and with ingredients that are proven to contribute to the preservation of our good health and wellness.

For three generations, we are continuing and constantly evolving the through ages tradition of our land, in the cultivation and production of excellent pure natural products of the Greek land.
All of them, products of top quality, with proven exceptional health protection properties, high nutritional value and critical contribution to longevity.

A great variety of miraculous nutritional treasures from the Greek nature.
Everything at extraordinary prices and with the quality guarantee of G-TEAM.

With just one click, our products at your place!


"Healthy mind.. in a healthy body"

The ancient Greeks were fully aware of the importance of the balance between mind and body and the generous Greek nature has been taking care of the wellness of people for centuries now. Hippocrates used to praise the daily aromatic bath and the aromatheraphy massage, claiming they would make life better & longer! Baths, massage, inhalations, patches can stimulate and improve health and wellness.

Care & Beauty

Cosmetics and creams made from pure products and special oils with splendid fragrances, that moisture and nourish your body offering a sense of freshness and coolness. They ensure good health, excellent appearance & optimal texture of the skin, contributing to wound healing and various skin disease relief. Their unique ingredients renew your skin, hair, nails, thus improving both your image and your mood.


Exceptional essences from flowers, leaves, bark, roots, seeds and fruits of carefully selected plants and trees of Greek nature. They are extracted by the method of distillation and their contact with our body is achieved not only by their absorption through the skin, but also through smell (by respiration). Essential oils form the basis of aromatherapy, the alternative medicine industry that intends to treat soul and body through the use of aromatic oils. They are applied locally or diluted in base oil for massage, in water for a relaxing bath or used in facial & body cosmetics. They fight insomnia, anxiety, fears and anger, and promote energy, optimism, pleasure, relaxation and ultimate well-being.

Aromatic plants

We chose for you aromatic plants that are well-known as the aromatic "gold" or the soul of the plants, because through their aromatic smells, they gather all the healing power of nature. They contribute catalytically to our physical, spiritual and mental wellness!

Either in their natural form, or as a beverage, they help you relax, they improve your metabolism and maintain your body weight to ideal standards. They act as anxiolytics, mild sedatives or sedative factors. Additionally, they improve brain function, enhance memory and have anti-aging properties. A series of researches and studies have shown, that they improve the mood, give energy and maximize mental performance, by providing energy and wellness.