Who we are

At G-TEAM, we are a group of producers who truly believe in the value of Greek agricultural products, especially regarding olive oil and olive products, mainly due to our personal experience in the cultivation of greek land and particularly of the olives since childhood.

Driven by our love for mother earth and its treasures, we are proud to have come a long way (for more than three generations) and to have been involved in a continuous emotional relationship, full of interaction and harmony, with our trees, the soil, the water, the sun and their natural environment.

With ultimate respect to the uniqueness of the local ecosystems and the special microclimate, we stick to the principles of natural cultivation without pesticides, as our products have always been produced for our families.

Our wish to share our passion, love and dedication, as well as the supreme health protection and nutritional value and superiority of products that grow from the blessed Greek land (Graceland), is what motivated us to join our forces and establish an admirable group of  producers (TEAM), the G-TEAM. Thus the well known now G-TEAM was born. By G-TEAM we can produce, pack and promote our own products and provide them at the most affordable prices possible, at every corner of the world.

Our Vision

At G-TEAM we strive to showcase the timeless value of Greek products, which are not only exceptional products for a healthy diet but also health-protection goods that ensure excellent health and wellness and help improve our health, even when facing mild or more serious health challenges.

Our Goals

We have profoundly understood that sustainable development and a life full of quality, health and well-being Interrelate closely with the respect for and the protection of the natural environment and ecosystem. So we are keen to promote:

  • mild gentle cultivation and production methods that are environmentally friendly.
  • a balanced lifestyle with nutrition as the key to disease prevention, good health and well-being.
  • the value of health-protection products provided by Greek nature.
  • optimum Greek olive oil and other products of the Greek land

At G-TEAM we make sure that:

  • We don’t apply pesticides and chemicals in olive oil, olives and any other product, in order to protect the ecosystem.
  • We cultivate and enrich the soil in traditional natural ways just like our ancestors did, as well as our grandparents and our parents, until recently.
  • We pursue sustainable development without disturbing the balance of the ecosystem with any interventions.
  • We protect the biodiversity and natural resources of the environment, make best use of them so  that a healthy and balanced environment is delivered  to our children.

Based on the tradition and heritage that our ancestors bestowed us with, we move forward with respect and love for the natural environment, the ecosystem and our blessed land.